Cologne South Dome Tower

My Photo Meeting with the Dome

As I am living in Cologne I have visited the Cologne Dome very often. But today I decided to take some photos to give you an impression of dome interior.

In the history of Cologne on this place you will find through the times a religious building. The building of the dome started in 1248 together with the deconstruction of the old Dome. This Old Dome also was an impressive building at the time.

What was the reason to build the Dome. In the medieval time Cologne was a prospering city the biggest in the german landscape. The Holy Shrine of the three Eastern Kings was robbed by Friedrich Barbarossa and Rainald von Dassel (Bishop of Cologne). With the erection of the Dome, the hope was, that many pilgrims will visit the Holy Shrine.

Main Artworks in the Cathedral

With the following photo I will show you the reason of the Dome erection starting in 1248. Here you will have a look at the Holy Shrine:

Holy Shrine the Kings of the East
Holy Shrine the Kings of the East

In the newer days the well known artist Gerhard Richter designed the south window of the Dome. The south side was former the main entrance from the monastery. Today the entrance is closed. The window itself is very colorful. Please have a look:

South Window
South Window

The doors on the west and east side have been designed by Ewald Matare. Here some Details:

Inside the Cathedral

Walking through the Dome you will detect many awesome details. I will show you some of my sights:

If you are in Cologne a visit of the Dome is a must.

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