BUGA 2023 at Mannheim

Mannheim the Town

The BUGA 2023 is a gardening exhibition located in Mannheim a town in the south west of Germany. Mannheim is known as the “Quadrate Stadt” that means the “Square City”. The streets in the Center are named like chess squares e.g. “E5” where you will find the town hall. Famous also the university/ palace, pop academy, Television Tower, Water Tower and many museums (Art, Nature Study, …).

The Bundesgartenschau (BUGA) 2023

One town in Germany will arrange the BUGA yearly. It is a gardening exhibition but will also show how to design a landscape. So the towns will attract their faces and call for more visitors. Also ideas for future urban concepts are realized.

The BUGA 2023 is a good example. In 1975 Mannheim has arranged the first BUGA at Mannheim. In 1975 the Luisenpark together with the Herzogenriedpark as second location. Now in 2023 the Luisenpark is again one location, but with new aspects of gardening and landscaping.

New, the Spinelli Park. This was a military area of the US Forces and new become a park with the integration of former military buildings. It is a very interesting concept to reintegrate such areas in the town.


Here I will show you some landscape impressions:

Flowers and Plants

Do not forget the most impressive participants of a gardening exhibition: Flowers and Plants. Here I will show some of them and I hope you will enjoy them:


Visiting Germany and interested in flowers, gardening and landscaping come here and find many marvelous gardening suggestions.

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