Reasons to Visit Hamburg

The reason to visit Hamburg at this time was a cooking event. Looking for a birthday gift for my wife my sister and I came to the conclusion that a cooking course in Hamburg will be fine. And we never regret this decision.

Park Hyatt Hamburg Hotel

We have chosen the Hyatt Park Hotel as our location in Hamburg. We didn’t know that this Hotel was located in the Levantehaus. This is a building erected in 1912 and even today you will find many. tracks of the art nouveau. The hotel architecture integrates the stile.

Some Photos will document this special place (Click on the photo to show full size):

Architecture Highlights

Hamburg has many architecture highlights. As we visited the city area I can present you only photos from locations in the city and in the next environment (all this can be done by taking your feeds). Here I took photos from the Mönkebergstr., the Deichtorhallen and Chilehaus. The exhibition place Deichtorhallen will be a hotspot for photography in Germanys future.

Click on the photo to show full size

The Cooking Event

As mentioned the cooking course was the reason for our Hamburg visit. VIANI Hamburg offers this and other courses. The location was in Hamburg Eimsbüttel near the tube station Osterstr. . The main topic was: How to treat and cook fish. Our teacher and head cook for this evening was Tim Rosnau ( He gave us many tips how to handle fish and other things in a proper way. At the end each participant could say: I have learned so much and had a delicious fish meal.

Here I give you a few impressions (Click on the photo to show full size):

By the way Tim offers also private cook courses and organizes cook events.

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