Kummerow Lake
Kummerow Lake

Fall in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, this is a very special season. The sunsets and sundowns are beautiful. Cranes are preparing for the fly to the winter domiciles. The nature shows the last time wonderful colors before the year turns to the end.

Mecklenburg Vorpommern and the Nature

First of all I want you to show my impressions in nature ( Click on Photo for full size ) :

Bad Doberan

Some of the interesting locations of Mecklenburg Vorpommern are located near the Baltic Sea. Well known from the G7 summit in 2007 I decided to visit the monastery of Bad Doberan and it was really impressive. Not so far away from Bad Doberan the Town of Heiligendamm was the main place for the summit. At the summit the place was a closed shop. Even the same situation as today. I took some photos and decided I will never come back to this unfriendly location.

Bad Doberan I can recommend without any restrictions. Here you will find my photo results ( Click on Photo for full size ) :

Schloss Kummerow

Now I have to mention a very special location. At the southern side of the Lake Kummerow you will find Schloss Kummerow. This building contains an impressive photo collection. Well known photographs are presenting the work results. This in very special rooms. After the days of the former GDR a renovation took place in the castle. I a that conserves all traces of the past decades.

So my aim was not to show the collection but the way the renovation work was done. Instead of photos from photos I will present you some shadows ( Click on Photo for full size ) :


Small towns in former times influenced by the agricultural live but nowadays by tourist demand are typically for Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

I will you present my place of birth Röbel and some locations in the environment ( Click on Photo for full size ) :

Video: My Impressions in MV

Here I present you my YOUTUBE Video that I have created:

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