Gross St. Martin Cologne

Gross St. Martin Cologne


I believe. Believe I ?

God is here. Is God here ?

Light is anywhere. Is light anywhere ?

Time is endless. Is time endless ?

Live is anywhere. Is live anywhere?

Mankind is forever. Is mankind forever ?

Tomorrow will come. Will tomorrow come ?

How long will I stay ?

Ludwigskirche Saabruecken

Ludwigskirche Saarbruecken


I am here, empty places.

Nothing around me, nomen here.

No birds are singing, no dog is runing.

Even the clouds have disappered.

Will the place fill again, when the year is over ?




Its could, when it will be  wormer ?

Its raining, when the sun will shine ?

Plane fields, when the first blossoms will rise ?

No meetings, when will we meet again ?

Infections all around, will I stay well ?

Hope the Spring will come fast.

Rhododendron Blossom

Rhododendron Blossom


Flowers are so beautiful

Staying pride a day , a week and more.

Giving live to us and nature.

Blooming for their own sake.

Impressing us with their variety.

Wishing sometimes to be a flower

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


Days so smooth and rough

Colors never seen

Year is leading to an end arranging the new

Now the living is easy but the end is near

Lets prepare and never hurry

Even wont to enjoy the moment.